Andrea Martinelli





We’re thrilled to introduce Italian artist, Andrea Martinelli, for our second spotlight profile.  We met Andrea in Prato, his hometown and our base in Italy. His work is inspired by local people. The photographic paintings and drawings tell the story written in the lines and character of their faces.

Andrea honed his talent by attending the Porto Romana Art Institute of Florence. Shortly after graduating, he won the “Tito Conti” prize from the Academy of Drawing Arts. The prize included a study grant that served as the catalyst for his solo career. His solo career exhibits include: the European Parliament in Strausbourg, the Frissiras Museum of Athens, the Permanente Museum of Milan, and the Panorama Museum of Bad Frankenhausen, Germany.

Please visit to learn more about Andrea’s work.


"This world, the world we live in, has been completely dehumanized. The man : we have  completely deleted him. And that is not good. But we, all of us, especially us the artists, have the duty to bring the man back to the center of everything. It is not for me to judge the work I have done all these years, but I know for sure that I always keep my eyes on the man, and I did it with love. A new humanism is possible, and every day I fight for it.”




"I draw the distance. this is what I do. When I look, when I see, when I hear, when I write, when I love, I think about the distance. However  it is only when I draw that I reach it, so that,  this ineffable vagueness that is called distance can exists, it is necessary that you  invent its drawing”



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