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 Jerry Kaye Collection is rooted in the appreciation of art and design. As a collector, inspiration can come from many places, fine art, photography, decorative arts, artists or architects. This becomes the core of each collection. 

   Working in Italy allows Kaye to create his vision like no other country. Italian artistry embodies craftmanship, quality materials and design integrity. Kaye’s vision melded with Italian artisanship provides the ability to experiment with new designs, create unique dye finishes and special fabrics or knitting techniques. The result is a fresh perspective in fashion. 

   The Jerry Kaye sensibility is American with a modern point of view. Unique choices of color, fit, fabric or pattern are blended with contemporary silhouettes. Comfort, function and hand feel play an important role. The hand feel is soft and luxurious from everyday cotton dyed tees, cashmere sweaters to lambskin leather jackets.

Men want to look good, feel good, we want others to see this in the clothes they wear. Stand out in a crowd without being the loudest but the most confident in the clothes you wear. 

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