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Jerry Kaye Collection is rooted in the appreciation of art and design. As a collector, inspiration for our artisan clothing comes from many places — fine art, photography, decorative arts, artists, or architects. This becomes the core of each collection.

Working in Italy allows Kaye to create his vision for unique menswear like no other country. Italian artistry embodies craftmanship, quality materials, and design integrity, all of which he uses to experiment with new designs, creating unique dye finishes, special fabrics, and knitting techniques. The result is a fresh perspective in fashion.

Jerry Kaye sensibility is American with a modern point of view —  a luxury clothing company with wearable accessibility. Unique choices of color, fit, fabric, or pattern blend with contemporary silhouettes. Comfort, function, and hand-feel make men look good and feel good. From everyday cotton dyed tees and cashmere sweaters to lambskin leather jackets, each piece is soft and luxurious. And the man wearing it is distinctly confident.

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Life led Jerry Kaye to fashion design in an unexpected way. Growing up in South Detroit, his football and track talent propelled him to college where he studied fine art and architecture. Two years later, he was on his way to study fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York.

The industry took notice of Kaye’s talent while still at Parsons. He was hired for his first role, designer for Roger Baugh, while still in school. Soon after, Robert Stock brought him on to become head designer, which led to Kaye later becoming design director for Alexander Julian's Collection and Colours brands. This was where Jerry’s work experience in Italy began. 

Impressed with Jerry's success with unique menswear, Perry Ellis appointed him vice president of men’s design. With success flourishing, Kaye became creative director, launching a 13-year career that grew Perry Ellis into a global brand. Since leaving Perry Ellis in 2007, he’s consulted for leading brands, including Levi’s, Robert Graham, and Nantucket Whaler.

Now with his 30+ years of work and life experience, Kaye is excited to share a truly one-of-a-kind collection among men’s designer clothing brands.

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