Brennin Hunt


 Brennin Hunt shot on location in Los Angeles, CA  | Styling by Allison Rae  |  Photographer Karen Ray 


Jerry Kaye X Brennin Hunt


Brennin Hunt is best known for playing the lead role of Roger Davis in FOX's broadcast of RENT Live. A long-time performer, Brennin began his acting career in 2015 guest starring in ABC's hit series Nashville as Sullivan Fitzgerald. He made his film debut as Marco Figueroa in Walking With Herb alongside George Lopez and Oscar-nominated actors Edward James Olmos and Kathleen Quinlan. The movie also features Brennin's original song "Can't Hold a Candle." In the summer of 2019, he made his Broadway debut as the lead role, Edward Lewis, in Pretty Woman: The Musical.


A native of Harrah, Oklahoma, Brennin lived for the better part of the last decade in Nashville where he pursued his passion as a singer-songwriter. He co-wrote "I Can't Do This'' with Vince Gill and the song is featured on Gill's album Down To My Last Bad Habit. Brennin has independently released several songs that have generated millions of streams and have been featured on numerous TV shows. In 2016, he was featured in Rolling Stone Country as one of the “10 Artists You Need To Know.” In 2018, he partnered with YWCA for his single "Rip off the Rearview" featuring Vince Gill. The music video became Brennin's first #1 video on CMT. Hunt has toured the world opening for mainstream artists as well as entertaining U.S. and NATO forces overseas. Brennin lives in Oklahoma City with his wife Kelly and their four children, Henley, Lennon, Collins and Cohen. 





 Brennin is featured in the best- selling Rogers denim shirt. Each shirt is uniquely finished by hand along the collar, cuff and placket.


Saxophone graphic t-shirt featured in Ventura Blvd Magazine.  

The Jerry Kaye brand is inspired by artistry, authenticity, and originality. This collaboration is born from all these things. While looking for pieces for an upcoming Men's fashion editorial, Los Angeles based stylist, Allison Rae eyed one of our graphic t-shirts at the renowned store, Sy Devore. She was attracted by the quality and unique nature. The t-shirt features an original music image from the 1970’s. It’s not your typical t-shirt. The image is digitally printed, cut out, and sewn on individually. Allison featured the t-shirt in her shoot for the men’s issue of Ventura Blvd magazine. Being a genuine professional, Allison tagged us on her Instagram post and in the magazine credits. From there a relationship began. Brennin’s look and vibrant energy complement the clothing perfectly. Allison and Karen worked hard behind the scenes to create the images. We asked Allison and Karen to share a few personal words about their work and shooting the collaboration. 



Brennin is wearing the Kiefer chore jacket (available Fall'23), and Patrick t-shirt


 Allison Rae @allisonraestyle  

Style is truly an expression of who we are. I look at it as a form of art and design. Styling someone is creating a platform for one to share an extension of their true self and how they wish to express themselves. I like that it can shift, be altered, and re-imagined. Style should be playful, and fun, not overly serious. The styling process should be enjoyable and evoke feelings of happiness. 

Personal styling for a client involves learning specifically about them. This helps me incorporate who they are into their wardrobe. Their style needs to be as individual as they are. Character work for scripted dialogue for a show, or film is very different. I spend time researching the story line and character before I decide on the wardrobe. The wardrobe represents the character being portrayed. I enjoy both versions of styling. However, my favorite type of styling is working with a client to create a wardrobe that fits who they are as a person. I love finding designers and brands that bring out the best in my clients. 

After working with Brennin Hunt on many projects, I know he is always open to trying new styles. Brennin’s artistic roots stem from his incredible musical background. His appreciation & love for exploring fashion within his music journey has always been strong. Brennin wanted to merge his love for music and fashion with his beautiful family and their busy lifestyle. Comfortable and timeless fabrics are a must-have. 

The timing was ideal, Brennin was starring in Invincible the Musical in Los Angeles featuring the music Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo. The musical reimagines Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet for the 21st century. I thought it would be fun to find a designer collection that captured the essence of his artistry, rooted in comfort & luxury, rich colors & textures, as well as representing his playful spirit. Brennin is full of good energy, pure heart, incredible talent, always singing and dancing. It’s important for him to feel good in what he is wearing. After seeing the Jerry Kaye collection and learning about the brand design aesthetics, fabrics, vision, and background, I thought it would be a perfect match for Brennin. We discussed a photo shoot opportunity with one of my favorite photographers, Karen Ray. She has an incredible eye and brings out the best in her subjects. Working with Karen is not just a shoot, it’s an experience. The shoot day was so much fun. We listened to amazing music, shared stories, danced & laughed, which created an incredible day & experience together. It was an example of great chemistry coming together, combining different mediums of art & collaboration. The result was a collection of unbelievably amazing photos & incredible memories. Feeling your best in what you are wearing really makes a difference in how you feel. And feeling good is golden.


Brennin is wearing the Patrick cotton crew neck t-shirt. Available now in a variety of colors.


Karen Ray  |  @karenrayphotography 

 Soon after my daughter was born, I picked up my camera and began documenting all those amazing little moments that made up her world. I haven’t put my camera down since. As my photography business grew, I continued to focus on capturing those beautiful, authentic, visual moments for my clients. Through my lens I try to reveal true personality, beauty, humor, emotion, connection and that extra little something that makes someone who they are. My goal is to tell their story visually. My first time collaborating with Allison Rae was on a shoot for a beauty brand and although most of the shots were tight, she still managed to elevate every image with her eye for style and her incredible focus on detail. It has been that way every time we have worked together. So, of course when she asked me to be part of her collaboration with the incredible very talented Brennin Hunt and Jerry Kaye Collection, I jumped at the chance. What you wear in a photoshoot matters. Rich textures, a unique neckline, the blending of colors and patterns can take an image to the next level. Incredibly, every piece Allison chose for our shoot did exactly that. There is just an undeniable lux yet innately cool vibe to the Jerry Kaye Collection pieces, and they worked perfectly on Brennin who just brought everything to life. Our vision for the shoot just naturally aligned and the images came together authentically. It is incredibly gratifying to collaborate with a group of artists to create something magical. 

I’m currently curating a series of images incorporating mixed media (acrylic, digital and graphic art) with an eye on creating a fine art option for my clients. I specialize in natural light portrait photography in the Los Angeles area. 

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